DIY grow lights, update

I’ve already talked about how the grow light stand was built, and how cost-effective it was. Now we’ve got a new problem. Luckily, I recorded a conversation between dad and mom on December 17th, 2016. We were all sitting around the television watching a rerun of Perry Mason.

Mom: The grow lights seem to be working.

Dad: *mumbled something inaudible that sounds like a cross between a dog growl and trapped curse word*

Mom: Something wrong with it?

Dad: The two planters. The seeds. They’re not the same height. Shoulda started both with new seeds. But I transplanted them scraggly suckers and now they’re taking off faster than the new plantings and [censored]-near touching the bulbs. Gotta find a way to have the two planters at different heights. 

DIY grow lights for lettuce update

Only thing I can think of is to cut the platform in half, build a new brace for each side, buy some more carriage bolts… And that just takes time, Wendi. I got wood to chop, Christmas presents to build, sheds to organize. I just don’t have the time.


Mom: Why don’t you just prop up the shorter seedlings?


[Dad stands up from the dinner table and walks to the garage. The whir of the table saw sounds, followed by the grating sound of wood being cut. Table saw powers down. Dad’s footsteps follow, before stopping in the grow light room. Several seconds later, he returns to the table, smelling of pine sawdust.]

Dad: I figured out the grow light. Propped it up with a 2×6.

Mom: Hmm. Where’d you get the idea from?

Dad: The angel on my right shoulder, I s’pose. [Dad grins].

Mom: You’re welcome.

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