About Mansteading

Here’s the deal: you’re busy. So I’ll just get right to it. This is a homesteading blog tailored to men. Wanna hear about chainsawing? This is the place. Wanna know how to build a rabbit run? You’ve found your home. Wanna know how to cook man food that’ll taste better than the grub the “crooks” make at Applebees or Hooters? Welcome, good sir. (Though, sadly, no scantily clad women will deliver your food for you.)

‘Nuff said.

Here’s a bit more. This blog is written by me (Quinn Badger) as I interview my cantankerous old man (Rhett Badger) on projects he’s got going on around the homestead. So, most blog posts are written in interview format (since that’s how they were recorded).

I’ve always got a kick out of Dad and his one-liner, cantankerous, half-brash jewels of wisdom. Now ya’ll get to benefit from his diatribes and derelict etiquette.

About Quinn

I’m a “tight-jeans wearing sissy,” as my dad puts it who’s “exactly what’s wrong with [my] generation.”

Thanks dad.

But, it seems, I’ve got a knack for writing (even dad says so…I’m not ashamed to admit I wept like a baby when he told me). So, after graduating summy cumma something er other, I’m out documenting dad’s adventures while I complete my first novel. I live in the Northeastern United States with my curmudgeon of a father and my mother. In ten years, I hope to be rich and famous so I don’t have to work another day in my life. (Sorry dad).

About The Old Man

Oh boy. Where do I start? Rhett Badger’s a bit of a legend these parts. I’m not sure if it was the time he outmaneuvered a cop by four-wheeling off road in the middle of the woods, or the time he (claims) he gave himself an appendectomy, or his too-odd-to-be-true storytelling. Dad’s just one of those guys you meet once and never can quite forget (either because he called you a balls-less sissy or because he taught you how to fell an oak tree).

Rhett grew up in Oklahoma and worked at a lumber yard. He would’ve lived there the rest of his life, had not mom (Wendi) contracted cancer. Dad retired early and gave up his former high roller life to bring mom closer to treatment. Now, he’s starting a homestead and I’m here to document it.