DIY lumber rack (for free!)

Dad’s got this terrible habit of not waiting for me when he starts (and completes) a project. For once, he let me pause him mid-project to snap a couple images. (All the while shouting, ‘You got your scrapbook pages yet?’). This conversation took place on December 15th while installing the shelves. 

Make yourself useful. Get me a hammer.

Right. So. Tell me about the shelf thingy. 

diy lumber rack for free

It’s a shelf. It holds–

Just cut the crap dad. Tell me what it does, why you did it, how you did it…


Seems you’ve grown a pair son. Good work.

Alright. I saw a fella on Craigslist selling an entire barn’s worth of wood. Guy didn’t have a clue. He said it was all cherry and pine. Turns out it was all oak and walnut. That son of a [censored] thought he was gonna swindle me and charge a thousand for the whole thing. I did some quick calculations and figured the fella had about 3000 board feet of lumber. If I sold it all, I’d get about $5000 for the lot.

So you paid a thousand?

[censored] no! I talked the guy down to 50 bucks!

[I roll my eyes]

diy lumber rack for free
Only now, I got another problem. How’m I gonna store all this wood? Don’t wanna be mixing oak with pine with walnut. So I need me a lumber rack. I saw one on the Grizzly catalogue for about 50 bucks, thought about getting it before I realized it was only about six inches tall and couldn’t hold a few thousand tooth picks, let alone a few thousand board foot.

And what do I do when I don’t wanna pay money?

You make something. 

That’s right. Cut a couple 1x2s about 12 inches long, butt jointed them together, reinforced with some dowels and mitered 2x4s, then screwed the shelves directly into the studs.

diy lumber rack for free
You think they can hold all that weight?

diy lumber rack for free

diy lumber rack for free

diy lumber rack for free
Son–they could hold your fat girlfriend’s family. Twice.

I don’t have a girlfriend. 

Nor will you ever, son. Nor will you ever.

So there you have it. But, if you’re too sissy to build it yourself (like I am), here’s an affiliate link to a lumber storage solution. 

Peace out. 

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