DIY Rabbit Lawnmower

Yeah. You totally heard that right.

Dad made a lawnmower out of rabbits.

I guess he got sick of the gas-guzzling hunk ‘o junk we used to use to cut the lawn. And, not coincidentally, he got sick of paying for rabbit feed.

Do I smell a win, win, win?


Bunnies cut the lawn. Win.

Bunnies get fed. Win.

Bunnies fertilize the lawn. Win. 

We finally found a use for that old kiddy bike dad ran over with his truck. Big win!

“I’m sure I’ll use this for parts some day,” he said (back in September).

We all rolled our eyes.

Sure enough, he was right.

Go Dad.

All that’s required of us is that we move it 3-4 times a day. Probably won’t cover the entire lawn. But…

Still a win win win.

DIY rabbit lawnmowerDIY rabbit lawnmowerDIY rabbit lawnmower

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