Easy hack for keeping your shower clean

Dad loves to shower. Once in the morning. Once at night.

And he likes to sing, too.

No shower is shorter than a half hour.

But this time was odd.

I passed by the bathroom door and heard him singing more enthusiastically than usual.

Forty-five minutes later, I passed the same door, and he was still there. Still singing.

Odd, that. 

“What’s with Dad?” I asked Mom.

She grinned.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s found a new reason to be in the shower longer,” she said.

As if he needed another.

“Oh?” I said.

He’s started to scrub the tub while he’s in the shower.”

Not a bad idea, eh?

Benefits (and hints?) of scrubbing while in the shower.

1. For those who like to shower, you get to extend shower time. Win.

2. The shower gets a daily make over, never getting too dirty.

3. Keep a stiff bristle brush inside the shower to remind you.

4. Use regular-old shampoo as your cleaning agent.

And now the cons:

1. You’ll come out a wrinkled mess.

2. Your water bill will rise.

3. You may suffer eye irritation from the excessive reflectivity of your newly polished bath tub.

4. You’ll probably be late for work since you’ll forget to account for the extended time it will take to shower.

5. Your family will think you odd.

The results have been stellar. We’ve got well water with high levels of…something orange. (Iron perhaps?) There’s always been this rust colored streak near where the faucet drips. That’s gone now. Nothing could withstand Dad’s persistent scrubbing.

Now if only we could manage to keep the rest of the house clean…

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