How to get started mansteading

How to get started “mansteading”

The following conversation about mansteading was recorded on December 12, 2016. Dad is not one to sit and chat, so it seems I’m always talking to him while he’s doing something else. This time, he was out by the shed chopping wood. The air was a crisp 26° and dad have nothing but a camouflage microfiber hunting jacket, blue jeans, and some boots. 

And this conversation will be enhanced with sound effects. Epic sound effects. 

*Thud. Thud. Crack.*

So dad, how do you get started mansteading?

What the [expletive] is mansteading supposed to mean?

*Thud. Kerthwack.*

We talked about this dad. Remember? The blog?

The what?


Oh. You’re diary. Continue reading “How to get started “mansteading””

Bacon. Chicken. Ranch. A manly combination.

Dad claims he used to be a chef in New York. He also claims he taught both Gordon Ramsay and Julia Child. Never mind that Gordon Ramsay trained in France and Julia child is old enough to be his mother. (And she also trained in France)…

But, I’ve got to say, dad can cook with the best of them. We never went out to restaurants growing up because, as dad put it, “why in the name of Bacon and eggs when I go to a place where you have to pay twice for my food? Once for the tip, and once for something that’s hardly an edible piece of cow skat. No thanks, I’ll just make my own grab and eat it while sitting in front of the tube watching Perry Mason.” Continue reading “Bacon. Chicken. Ranch. A manly combination.”

DIY indoor grow lights, the manly way


The following conversation was recorded on Friday, December 9, 2016 while sitting on the dining room table dad build when I was ten or so. Dad was wearing a plaid shirt he’s had since before I was born. It still has a crease over the breast pocket from when he used to smoke. Despite his later jesting, he’s actually made quite a few healthy lifestyle changes since he lost his brother in 2007. He’s been nicotine sober for 8 years now and a rehabilitated carnivore for the last three. (Though he still fancies a fatty steak now and again).  Continue reading “DIY indoor grow lights, the manly way”