Do preppers want the end to come?

I really wish I had recorded this conversation. It was priceless to me. But, alas, I’m stuck writing it from memory. I’m pretty sure the touch points are illustrated here. Let me give you the context. Dan had just informed us that surgery was required to fix his broken thumb. We all had a prayer for his recovery and Dan left. Upon leaving, Dad was in a bit of a contemplative mood. Fortunately for me, he was much more willing to respond to questions than he’s been in the past. 


Some things you just can’t prep for, son. You just can’t.

But you try, right?

Yeah, we all try. And it’s fun, son. It’s fun to be prepared. But then when the [censored] really hits the fan, I don’t think anybody’s having fun anymore. 

You mean *the* [censored]?

Well, not just the [censored]. But any [censored]. If it hit’s the fan…I don’t know. You think you’re ready. You think you wanna see it happen–you want all your preparations to mean something. But then something happens that reminds you this ain’t some game. If the end of the world as we know it really comes, ain’t nobody gonna be having any fun. Preppers and non-preppers alike.

So you think some people do want it to come?

Oh yeah. You read the blogs. [BTW, I about gasped to hear Dad call them “blogs,” rather than diaries]. You read the books. Some of these guys get real hormonal about guns and ammo and stashes and bug-out bags. You can tell–they want it. I tell you what, though. They’re gonna be the first to die.


Cuz the people who are stashing guns and ammo–they wanna fight. They wanna know what it’s like to pull a trigger and watch a man die. They’re just criminals who’r too afraid of the law to cross the line. They’re just waiting for lawlessness–when they can do whatever the [censored] they want and not get slapped with a sentence because of it. They’re just waiting for the day when they’re king–they got all the guns, all the food, all the medicine. I think, if it happens, they’re gonna be quite surprised to find that nobody wants to worship them. Nobody wants to fight.

So are you anti-gun now?

[censored]-no! Own a gun, not own a gun. That’s every man’s business. But when people get all excited about the end…that’s the people we need to be worried about.

So you think, if it happens, people aren’t going to kill each other? 

What choice do I have?

What do you mean?

If the world becomes a violent place…I don’t know. I couldn’t do it. So I choose to believe it won’t come to that.

You couldn’t do what, dad?

I just couldn’t.

Pull the trigger?


I’ll never do it again, son. I don’t care if my life hangs in the balance. I don’t care if Uncle Sam demands it again. I won’t do it.

And to protect your family?

It won’t come to that.

But if it does?

I choose to believe it won’t. Because I can’t pull the trigger.

Listen, son. We do what we can. We prep for every contingency. We stock our pantries. We raise our own meat. Grow our own food. We free ourselves from societal slavery and the [censored] crony capitalists. And then we do one last thing, son.

What’s that?

We pray. We pray that it never happens. Or if it does happen–we pray that we never forget our humanity.


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