four ways to lose weight for gentleman

Four ways to lose weight, for gentlement

A little background: in the last six months, dad has lost 45 pounds. He went from minorly obese to his high school weight. Over dinner one evening, I interviewed him to find out his secret. 

So what’s your weight loss secret?

Burn more calories than you consume. It’s just simple math, son.

Yeah, but how did you stay motivated?

Motivation’s got noithing to do with it. Just eat less than your body burns.

Then why did it take you forty years to lose it?


Fine. So motivation does have something to do with it.

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How to get started mansteading

How to get started “mansteading”

The following conversation about mansteading was recorded on December 12, 2016. Dad is not one to sit and chat, so it seems I’m always talking to him while he’s doing something else. This time, he was out by the shed chopping wood. The air was a crisp 26° and dad have nothing but a camouflage microfiber hunting jacket, blue jeans, and some boots. 

And this conversation will be enhanced with sound effects. Epic sound effects. 

*Thud. Thud. Crack.*

So dad, how do you get started mansteading?

What the [expletive] is mansteading supposed to mean?

*Thud. Kerthwack.*

We talked about this dad. Remember? The blog?

The what?


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