cost effectiveness of diy grow lights

Cost-effectiveness of DIY lettuce with grow lights

I suggested to dad we compute the cost of our DIY grow lights (for growing lettuce) and see if it’s cheaper than buying at the store.

“Why in the [censored] should I care if it’s cheaper?” He said.

“Cuz then you might as well buy it in the store,” I said.

“You’re missing the point son. I ain’t growing my own lettuce to save money. I’m growing my own lettuce so when the [censored] hits the fan, I’m not eating spam and dog food, waiting my sorry [censored] in a government-sponsored shelter, hoping the Red Cross or FEMA or the Mormons come ‘n save me from going all Donner party on my neighbors. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll grow my own lettuce.” Continue reading “Cost-effectiveness of DIY lettuce with grow lights”