DIY grow lights for lettuce update

DIY grow lights, update

I’ve already talked about how the grow light stand was built, and how cost-effective it was. Now we’ve got a new problem. Luckily, I recorded a conversation between dad and mom on December 17th, 2016. We were all sitting around the television watching a rerun of Perry Mason.

Mom: The grow lights seem to be working.

Dad: *mumbled something inaudible that sounds like a cross between a dog growl and trapped curse word*

Mom: Something wrong with it?

Dad: The two planters. The seeds. They’re not the same height. Shoulda started both with new seeds. But I transplanted them scraggly suckers and now they’re taking off faster than the new plantings and [censored]-near touching the bulbs. Gotta find a way to have the two planters at different heights.  Continue reading “DIY grow lights, update”