Transporting wood, the redneck way

A bit ago, I mentioned dad got a shed full of wood for $50.

He’s already made three trips.

Over the course of a month.

He’s got at least two more.

That’s a lot of lumber. Even dad says it’s, “more lumber than I have projects to do with it.”

Now that’s saying something!

“Don’t you ever get nervous about how low it’s hanging?” I asked him. Continue reading “Transporting wood, the redneck way”

DIY lumber rack for free

DIY lumber rack (for free!)

Dad’s got this terrible habit of not waiting for me when he starts (and completes) a project. For once, he let me pause him mid-project to snap a couple images. (All the while shouting, ‘You got your scrapbook pages yet?’). This conversation took place on December 15th while installing the shelves. 

Make yourself useful. Get me a hammer.

Right. So. Tell me about the shelf thingy.  Continue reading “DIY lumber rack (for free!)”