Do preppers want the end to come?

Do preppers want the end to come?

I really wish I had recorded this conversation. It was priceless to me. But, alas, I’m stuck writing it from memory. I’m pretty sure the touch points are illustrated here. Let me give you the context. Dan had just informed us that surgery was required to fix his broken thumb. We all had a prayer for his recovery and Dan left. Upon leaving, Dad was in a bit of a contemplative mood. Fortunately for me, he was much more willing to respond to questions than he’s been in the past. 


Some things you just can’t prep for, son. You just can’t.

But you try, right?

Yeah, we all try. And it’s fun, son. It’s fun to be prepared. But then when the [censored] really hits the fan, I don’t think anybody’s having fun anymore.  Continue reading “Do preppers want the end to come?”