Using a draw knife to remove rot from firewood: an antique shop find

There’s two things dad doesn’t like: crony capitalists and spending money.

But Dad loves antique shopping.

Yeah. Weird.

He’s all about support local businesses. Another way to “stick it to the crony, free-market destroying capitalists.”

And he’ll even occasionally spend money to do so.

A few nights ago, dad came home, grinning, toting two of his golden finds. The following conversation occurred on January 5th, and is dictated from memory. 


What you got, dad?

And old draw knife and a Stanley #7 plane.

use a drawknife to remove rot from firewood

Cool. What for? 

Well, I keep cutting down old widow makers [translation: trees that are still standing but dead] for seasoned firewood then burning them in the fireplace. But some of them are half rotted. So, I figure, before I try splitting them, I might could pull a blade across the wood and get rid of all the rotted stuff.

use drawknife to remove rot from firewood

Cool. And the handplane?

It’s a handplane, son.

an antique stanley #7 handplane


If you need to ask, you don’t deserve to know.


I’ve noticed many of the craftsmen woodworkers have a fetish for handplanes. Not sure what that’s about. 


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