What to do when doe bunnies don’t…ehem, respond?

We got our bunnies off of craigslist about three months ago. We were really hoping to have some meat and pelts by about this point. But all we’ve got is a whole lotta spilled hey and even more poop.

No baby bunnies. (That we know of…they’ve burrowed under our compost pile and we suspect they’re participating in all sorts of unsavory mischievousness down there).

We keep “palpitating” the bunnies to see if they’re “with bunny,” but can’t seem to see any signs. When we lock the buck and the doe in a cage together, he chases her around, pisses on her, and she just runs and runs.

So, we’ve got a doe problem.

How to get bunnies to mate-1

With that background, here’s a transcript between Dad and I, recorded on January 3, 2017.


What’s with that? [I point to a bottle of apple-cider vinegar].

[Dad pours a few drops into their water bottle].

I read in the paper [the Internet] that it…well…ignites the libido, if you know what I mean.

[I laugh]. And you actually believed it?

No. But I did slip some into your mother’s drink a few nights ago. I haven’t seen that much action since our honeymoon.

TMI, dad. TMI. 


I was skeptical, but I walked out this morning to check on the “bun buns” and the buck was mounting the doe. (And she was complying quite willingly).

Let’s get a round of applause for that buck.

And let’s hope he’s gonna be a dad in a few short weeks.

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