Wood mail organizer

Have any of ya’ll moved recently?

It’s hell. One thing we didn’t realize before the move was that in your last house, you spend years getting more and more organized.

And then you have to start all over.

For Mom and Dad (who had lived for decades in that old house), it nearly upended them (maritally speaking). For two old quacks used to knowing exactly where such and such is, they about died of heart failure.

So, Dad’s first task was to build something that could hold the mail, wallets, and keys.

“How soon you want it?” Dad asked mom.


“Alright,” he said. “It ain’t gonna be pretty, but I’ll be back in an hour.”

He came back six hours later. 

It seems Dad can’t not make a thing of beauty when it comes to wood.

DIY mail organizer from wood

Walnut lumber with a tung oil and shellac finish, complete with hand-cut through tenons.


But we had a problem. You see that set of keys there?

Lemme zoom in for you: *cue zooming sound*

DIY mail organizer from wood

It’s quite fancy. Dad put a rare earth magnet on the opposite side of that. Problem was, it didn’t hold Mom’s keys too.


So, for the last several months, we’ve had this half-used mail organizer that we’d just kinda drop our keys into the mail slot and fish through the mail to get them back out.

It was kind of annoying.

One day, Mom was fed up.

“I need a place to put my keys, Rhett. Will you finish this thing already?”

“You want it finished?” he asked.

He stomped into the garage, grabbed his hand saw, stormed out into the woods, and can back two minutes later with this beaut.

Keys organizer from organic wood

For a five minute fix, this things actually quite beautiful. And if fits the space.

And now, with the keys.

DIY mail organizer from wood

After Dad cooled down and mom left the room, I caught Dad admiring his handiwork.

“That’s some beautiful [censored], right there,” he said.

Yes dad, it is.

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