Woodstove update

I’ve got bad news. And more bad news. And more. And maybe some good news? We shall see.

First the bad news.

The stove don’t fit.


So much for our $75 solution. 

Second bit of bad news: mom won’t let dad install it himself. Here is a snippet of their conversation (from memory).


Mom: “You are not installing that by yourself. You get a permit and you get a contractor to do it.”

Dad: “I am not going let some failed contractor tell me what I can and can’t do with my own house.”

Mom: “This isn’t up for discussion.”

Dad: “You’re [censored] write this isn’t up for discussion. I’m doing it.”


An hour later Dad was on the phone with the Township fire inspector. (Mom can be persuasive). And for some reason, dad really warmed up to the guy. They must’ve talked for an hour about classic trucks, raising rabbits, and “kids these days.” During the conversation, dad learned that it is a really bad idea to put a wood stove inside of fireplace and just vent up through the old chimney. Apparently, something with the creosote something or other can cause fires and bring about the zombie apocalypse or something. I didn’t get it, and I suspect Dad didn’t get it, but for some reason he believed the guy.

Oh, and not to mention antique stoves are banned by the EPA. (Not that Dad cares what the [censored] the EPA says).

And somehow mom persuaded him to call the insurance company and find out if we would be protected in the event of a fire. Well, as it turns out, we wouldn’t if Dad tried to DIY it.

So we’re back to square one–hiring some “crony capitalist” $5k to do it for us.


In the mean time, we have been shopping around the local HVAC contractors to try to get a new furnace put in. And, as Dad’s wont to do, he got to shoot the breeze with the HVAC guy and found out that he has a buddy who was able to pipe heat from his woodstove into the central heating ducts and heat his whole house with it.

Dad lit up like a firefly’s butt.

So now we are working on getting a quote for that sort of set up. The other cool thing is that the guy was able to preheat the water for his water heater.

Sticking it to crony capitalists in two different ways? Dad’s sold.

(I guess that means my rent–in the form of stacking wood–is going up. Ah well).

Now to figure out what we will do with that old woodstove that is just a 500 pound paperweight at this point.

Heating a greenhouse perhaps?

Or a wood-burning hot tub?

A gasifier for the truck?



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